Friday, January 18, 2013

Show your corporate world skills
  1. First round event and 6 groups per round.
  2. Groups will be provided with specific amount of virtual money at the start of the bid.
  3. The bidding will be taken place for the items according  to the specified round details for Land, Machines, Car, Films, Cricket players.
  4. Every item will be assigned a Base price and the bid will be onwards.
  5. There will be specific color flags which signifies the increment amount for that item. e.g. As group raise the flag of specific color then the bid price will be increment by that amount what that flag is assigned to.
  6. The items will be arranged according their selling price and the group who will make the best use of his money will be the winner of the round. Winner of each round will play final round.
  7. If the round is of ‘Car Design’ then the auction will be of car body, Car tyre, Shades, Bumber, Paints, etc.